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Basic Manicure$18

A water manicure helps clean your natural nail surface and groom cuticles. Includes a hand massage and polish

Summit Manicure $23

Soak your hands in a warm sanitizing hand soak, included basic nail and cuticle grooming, includes a mint exfoliation and an ice cooling gel hand and arm massage. Finish off with hot towel.

Hot Oil Manicure $31

The best manicure for dry hands, after basic manicure grooming, your hands are exfoliated to remove dry dead skin. Then enjoy a hand and arm massage using hot mineral oil. This manicure includes a paraffin dip to help relief dry skin, pain, and stiffness.


Basic Pedicure$26

Soak your feet in our modern foot bath and enjoy a Shiatsu back massage while we take care of your tired feet. Our basic pedicure includes nail trim, cuticles grooming, callus treatment, massage, and a hot towel

Summit Pedicure $31

Includes all the goodies of the basic pedicure, plus a mint exfoliation to remove dry and clean skin. Enjoy art ice cooling gel massage and finished with a hot towel wrap.

Lavender Pedicure $36

Soak your feet in a relaxing lavender fragment foot bath. After basic pedicure grooming, your legs and feet ale exfoliated with a lavender gel scrub, then a mask is applied to help improve moisture to your dry legs and feet. Finish off with a massage and hot towel wrap.

Green tea pedicure$41

Using a premium line, this green tea pedicure will surely be a favorite after smelling the spa like aroma. Soak your feet in a foot bath that includes a green tea gel soak to soften and balance dry feet. After the basic pedicure grooming, your feet and legs are exfoliated using a soft natural sugar crystal to reduce dead and dry skin. Next is a green tea ultra-hydrating mask wrap to help soften and hydrate skin. After removing the mask with a hot towel, your legs and feet are massaged with a green tea Shea butter full of botanical extracts and vitamins.

Milk & honey Pedicure$46

This pedicure is popular for the dry and cracked feet. Let your feet soak in this moisturizing milk foot bath before the basic pedicure grooming. Then enjoy a natural honey sugar scrub to exfoliate all the dry and dead skin. Next is the silky deep dermal wrap to promote moisture is massaged using a rich honey scent body butter which has a 24 Hour timed-releases for moisture. After removing the wrap with a steamy hot towel, you’ll love the hot paraffin wax dip for your overworked feet.

Chamomile Mint Pedicure$51

Inspired by the flowering chamomile plant with its stress-reducing nature and honey-sweet aroma; and packed with antioxidant chamomile extracts plus smoothing and effective botanicals. This pedicure includes an invigorating mint foot bath soak, basic grooming, then a chamomile Mint scrub formulated with natural sugar crystals is used to reduce calluses and smooth away dry rough skin. Next is the Chamomile Mint mask for an ultra- hydrating warp featuring Shea Butter to help revitalize. Soften and hydrate skin. Second to last, enjoy the spa feeling of the Chamomile Mint Massage, includes botanical extracts, vitamins and emollients for a light weight moisturizing treatment, without a greasy feel. Lastly, relax with a paraffin wax dip to help absorb all the benefits that Chamomile Mint has to offer. This OPI product includes triple-action fruit-derived AHA’s leaving skin silky and smooth after the first treatment.

Hot Stone Summit Pedicure $61

Experience the ultimate relaxation pedicure and feeling of this special heated stone massage. The calming relaxation aroma of lavender oils and heated stones are incorporated into the massage to bring penetrating warmth and deep relaxation to the muscle tissue. This pedicure includes all the basic grooming, includes callus elimination, a natural sea salt exfoliation of legs and feet, deep dermal wrap, paraffin wax dip, hot towel therapy, and then a pressure point hot stone massage which helps generate heat into your most tired muscle of body. The warmth of the detoxifying stones releases the cramps in knotted muscle and also helps release toxins from your muscles. This hot stone pedicure at the end of the day is one of the best stress- busters and has many benefits to your mental health!

Acrylic Nails

Artificial acrylic nails provide length, strengh and enhance the beauty of your nails

Full Set$30

Pink & White

Using white acrylic and pink acrylic helps create a natural French Manicure look, for those that desire acrylics for strength and classic beauty for their nails

Full Set$50
Back Fill$38
Top Coat$5

Gel Powder

A Gel substance that is grind into a powder, then applied onto the natural nails using a monomer to create a natural but strong and hard artificial nail. Includes a permanent gel top coat.

Full Set$40

Gel Polish

Gel polish is the way to go if you want to go all natural. Last between 2-3 weeks. It's non-abrasive to your natural nails and cured under an LED lamp to dry instantly.

Gel Manicure$35
Gel Polish Only$20
Get Pedicure$45

Hair Removal

Eye Browns$12
Full Face$35
Under Arms$20
Full Legs$60
Half Legs$42

Eyelash Extensions

Individual Eyelash Extensions. Single synthetic eyelashes are applied to the natural eyelashes using a medical grade glue. Creates long, full and natural looking eyelashes. Comfortable to twear, lightweight and waterproof. Last approximately 3-6 weeks.

Full Set$120

Eyelash Clusters

Eyelash clusters of 5-88 per lashes are applied to the natural eyelashes using a medical grade glue, creating a full and dramatic look. Last approximately 2 weeks.

Full Set$40

A La Carte

Polish Change on Hands$8
Polish Change on Toes$10
Colored Acrylics$5
Nail Art$5+
Acrylic Nail Removal$15
Gel Soak-Off$5
Paraffin Wax$5
Skin Exfoliation$5
Nail Repairs$3+
Long Length Artificial Nails$5+
Gel Top Coat for Artificial Nails$3